Atelier Night Light


Below is an overview of some of the projects we have recently carried out, which range from restoration to creation. Be sure to take a look!

Brussels Stock Exchange building

Restoration of chandeliers

Restoration of classic chandeliers in Brussels stock exchange building.

Leiekouter Ghent

Restoration of chandeliers

Restoration of all historical chandeliers in the property.

De Clercq sewing machines


Inspired by the needle of a sewing machine, we created large Sputnik lusters for their showroom.

Province Hall Namur

Restoration of chandeliers

Restoration of antique chandeliers in the government palace of Namur.

Bistro Sud Sud

Interior design

Bistro Sud-sud in Leuven.

Contemporary interpretation in the atmosphere of a southern grand café.
Art-deco elements, creations and reuse of parts.

Hotel Kroonacker

Restauration of chandeliers

Hotel Brasserie Kroonacker in the heart of Tienen.
Renovation of classical, Murano & Art-Deco chandeliers.


Interior design

Restaurant Melchior.
Culinary restaurant founded by Gilles Melchior in Tienen.
Warm cosy atmosphere of thoughtful material choices and unique design.

Chambon (Bruxelles)


Creations based on existing proportions and remaining ornaments. Art deco inspired.

Costa Hoppa , Old College, Tienen


Organic creations for Costa Hoppa pop -up bar in the old college in Tienen.

Pand 10, Tienen community centre


Pand 10 is an open house for civic and neighbourhood initiatives in Tienen's former station buffet . Atelier Night Light made a large counter-luster there from recovered beer bottles.

Maastricht city hall

Restauration of chandeliers

Our collaboration and expertise for the restoration of the lusters in Maasticht Town Hall commissioned by and in collaboration with Mestrom Chandeliers.


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